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ActiveApp template is best used in cases where the main page is almost the only important element of the site. When all other sections and static pages of the site are minor and should not distract the attention of the customers. This template is best suited when creating a website of any specific product or service.

The content, divided into strictly arranged and structured blocks, makes the perception of both text and graphics more comfortable. Single-color controls and icons will allow you to focus visitors on the most important parts of the page. Through the use of unusual sidebar, which most of the time hidden from the view, the space pages in use as much as possible. When the user opens the menu, he gets access to all sections and pages, which are arranged in a simple and understandable hierarchical tree. On the inside pages of elements can be represented in the form of columns or horizontal blocks. Be sure to note how this Joomla template implements feedback. On each page, at the bottom, you may have a special form, which will indicate all contacts, so that the visitor can contact you and here he will find a form through which you may receive a message directly from the site.

Due to the customization options and plugins such Templates YouJoomla easily be adapted to any needs of the end customer. Stencil, ready pages and color schemes with proper filling with content, will help you create a full website with any set of functions and is designed for any audience.

Joomla 2.5 & 3.x Compatibility.

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